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Brushed Aluminum for iTunes

Brushed Aluminum for iTunes

Author: DarkMetaphor

About Brushed Aluminum for iTunes 10.4.1

I really miss the brushed aluminum look that iTunes 4.X used to have (and probably previous versions too), and it’s a shame nobody made a theme/skin for us who likes it, so I thought about doing it myself for a long time, and here it is. It is a very subtle modification of the original iTunes though, not a complete overhaul in any way. Just a subtle brushed look, and slightly adjusted highlighting of the searchbar (when you click/activate it). I wouldn’t have got very far without help, so I will have to give some credits for Davi-1 here!


This is for Windows only. First download the RAR archive and extract it, then copy the DLL file inside and put it in C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.Resources\ and replace it with the old one. A warning however, use at your own risk!

Download: deviantART


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