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I think the pool show us that people are undecided about this, so the decision is that I will publish here some really cool news about Apple stuff.

Tnx goes to everyone that vote in this pool and in time new pools will arrived.

30+ High Quality Mac OS X Apple Wallpapers


30+ High Quality Mac OS X Apple Wallpapers

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iTunes Skins – Web site update Part II


See what is new ?

iTunes Skins – Web site update Part I

1. Tweeter support for all posts !

tweeter Now you can twitt posts direct from my website. I don’t know if this will work for future but because last days I use twitter alot I implement this on my site. After every post on right side you see this ‘tweet’ icon and all you need to do is click, it will redirect you to twitter and prepare tweet for you. I hope twitter users will support my site and this will bring twitter users to iTunes Skins portal.

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