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iTunes 9 Tips and Tricks


iTunes 9 Tips and Tricks

So many new things on iTunes 9, how to use them all ?

In this post you can find tips and tricks that can help you with that.
Read more about new iTunes 9 features like:

*Arrange Your iPhone Apps
*Hold Me Closer, Tiny Player
*Genius Apps
*Automatically Fill Free Space with Songs
*Where Are the Ringtones?
*iTunes LP a Good Deal for Fans
*Facebook and Twitter
*Column Browser FTW
*Use Faces to Put Your Favorite People on Your iPhone.
*Home Sharing
*iTunes U Course Syncing

How To : iTunes 9 Tips and Tricks – Solve the Mysteries of the New iTunes



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  1. iTunes 9 Tips and Tricks » · iTunes Skins, Skins … | September 12th, 2009

    […] More: iTunes 9 Tips and Tricks » · iTunes Skins, Skins … […]

  2. tarjeta nintendo r4No Gravatar October 5th, 2009

    iTunes player is use for transfer a Data from the computer to the iPhone and iPod. How to use iTunes players that the things describe over here…


  3. farbige kontaktlinsenNo Gravatar October 20th, 2009

    After reading this usefull article how to use twitter. I even see some sens in twittering. Thx a lot.


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