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iTunes 9.0.1 Back to Black


iTunes 9.0.1 Back to Black

Author: Lucien1

Now updated for Mac OSX 10.5 and above!

Works with iTunes for Mac version 9.0.1! Zip file now comes with special instructions for Leopard and Snow Leopard users to get it working!

I know how much everyone is missing the old dark background, so it’s time to get it back to black. Very simple instructions follow to return to the dark grid view. New missing artwork image included to match the theme.


1. Back up your original iTunes.rsrc (path: /applications/iTunes/Contents/Resources/iTunes.rsrc)
2. Back up your iTunes binary file (path: /applications/iTunes/Contents/MacOS/iTunes).
3.Back up your original English localized.rsrc (/applications/iTunes/Contents/Resource/English.lproj/)
4.Copy the new iTunes binary, iTunes.rsrc & Localized.rsrc files into the appropriate folders.

Leopard users follow the READ ME instructions.

Download: deviantART


2 Responses to “iTunes 9.0.1 Back to Black”

  1. NagoNo Gravatar January 23rd, 2010

    It’s actually much easier and safer too!

    1. Go to preferences (Command + , )
    2. Under the label General, find “Grid View”
    3. Set the drop down menu to “Dark.
    4. Enjoy!


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