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Soliq iTunes 9 Mod


Soliq iTunes 9 Mod

Author: Precapice

Original iTunes 9 hurt my eyes !
So I fixed it as best as I could.

Origanal by Katsu [link]

and ck no link sorry

Mod by Rissol [link]

Thanks for permission Rissol

Toolbar by me here [link]


Regards Precapice

Download: deviantART


8 Responses to “Soliq iTunes 9 Mod”

  1. GuestNo Gravatar September 24th, 2009

    Can someone explain how to install this?

    It talks about sartfile and all those other files, I can’t even find those files on my computer..


    CoXisNo Gravatar September 24th, 2009

    What we have is new tutorial for Windows use howto setup iTunes with mods. If you can’t find proper files maybe this is for other operating system..


    GuestNo Gravatar September 26th, 2009

    I am running windows.


  2. AlainNo Gravatar September 27th, 2009

    hi, any help for osx users? Problem is that I do not find where the MacOs “itunes” file shoud go? Thanks for any help & regards from Belgium,



    CoXisNo Gravatar September 27th, 2009

    Problem is that I use Windows only.. Maybe some OSX users will help you.

    You can ask about iTunes for example here:


  3. CidNo Gravatar October 1st, 2009

    how do i install on windows?


  4. PeacemakerNo Gravatar January 26th, 2010

    how do you apply these skins to your itunes?


  5. Delhi Model EscortsNo Gravatar February 11th, 2012

    Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.


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